How To Plan For And Enact Your Goals

Hey guys! If you haven’t had a chance yet, go listen to our 2nd episode “That Moment When… Your New Year Needs New Motivation!” It is super informative and we talk about what I am going to write out for you here, but in more detail and with some examples from our personal lives!


If you brainstormed some ideas with us last week, and then further refined those ideas into just a few actionable goals, you are ready to take the next step… the actual action!

This is the exciting part! Once you have goals verbalized and, ideally, written on paper, you can actually start working towards achieving those goals! If this doesn’t excite you, go back to step 1 from last week and brainstorm some new ideas, because the ones you have obviously don’t mean enough to you.

Now I know that sounds harsh, but seriously, this whole process is a waste of time if you aren’t working towards goals that are actually important to you!

In addition, if the goals you’ve come up with don’t have actionable steps that can get you there, you may need to do some more refining of those goals. You can’t climb a staircase without stairs. It’s a fact.

So without further ado…


Step 1: Identify your staircase


Pick one of your goals that you decided was important to you and worth all of this time and effort! Good! Step 1, done!


Step 2: Action Plan


Now you need to figure out how many stairs get you to the top of that staircase. Let’s use an example: say the Goal you chose for this exercise was “Become A Teacher”. Well, how are you going to do that? What level of education do you need? What kind of experience do you need? How long will it take you? You need to be specific with all of the action items and sub-goals, not just your overall goal. A goal becomes much more clear, and the path much easier to follow, if you clearly label the steps. Specificity people!


Step 3: Build the staircase


Now that you have sub-goals and clear action steps for each item, you need to build your goal staircase, a.k.a. put each sub-goal in an order. You can actually draw out a staircase for this! The top step is your ultimate goal, and each subsequent step is an action item in order of what needs to happen first to what needs to happen last. So maybe your staircase looks like this:

Goals ex.1

Add in underneath your stairs some of the more specific goals or action items that need to be accomplished to reach each of your larger, full-step goals. Like this:

Goals ex.2

If you would like a Goals Staircase that’s ready for you to fill out, download the Printable we made for you, here: Goals Staircase.

Step 4: CLIMB!



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