03 tmw your reflection shows

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03 tmw your reflection shows

This week’s episode is all about reflection. Reflecting on those goals we’ve set and the goals we’ve already achieved. It’s important to know what’s helped us succeed in the past and what’s gotten in our way.

Join us as we discuss the importance of reflection as a step in the goal process.

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Millennial Moments


Show Notes:

[01:08]  Happy/Crappy

[06:35]  Pop-Quiz!

  • A segment where we quiz each other on different subject every month
  • 2008 – where are they now?

[11:53]  Goals – Reflection

  • [13:07] Look back on the goals and action steps you’ve created and reflect on their significance in your life
  • [13:28] why it’s important to reflect
  • [14:49] hitting a roadblock
  • [16:48] setting a date to check back
  • [17:03] don’t be afraid to tweak those goals
  • [19:36] reflecting on old goals you haven’t reached
  • [21:06] goals should mean something to you

[24:01]  Takeaways

  • Reflection is important at any and all stages of achieving goals

[26:03]  Recap


Significant quotes:

“Look back at those goals and reflect on them a little bit. Are they whats really important? And have you created action steps that are reasonable and achievable and realistic?” 13:20

“A good practice with every goal is to take a look back to reflect.” 13:38

“Don’t be afraid to rewrite goals, change goals completely. Nothing is off limits.”17:03

“Goals should really mean something to you.“ 21:06

“Reflection is just as important a part of the goal setting process as the goal setting [itself].” 24:20


Links Mentioned:

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Intro music: Happy Whistle by Scott Holmes

Outro music:  Romantic Folk Loop by Twisterium


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