BOOK of the MONTH!

Hi readers! Gennavieve and I have a book club that we do with our friends where we *try* to read 1 book a month. We do a round robin for who picks the books! For January, it was my choice! We really enjoy discussing the books we have chosen with each other, and I thought it would be fun to open the discussion up to our blog readers! So when we choose a new book, I will post it here, and you guys can read along with us and discuss the book here, or if looking for a good book later on, I will post my opinion and those of my friends on the book to help you decide if it is a book you want to read.

This month’s book was my choice, and because so many of us just feel lost, I chose a self-help book of sorts: The Element by Ken Robinson.


The link above takes you to my favorite site to buy books from, Better World Books. I love Better World Books because the books they sell are all donated to them, and the profits go to literacy programs around the world. Also, since you are buying a used book, you reduce the number of books going to landfills! And the best part, they sell the books at a really good price! I bought my copy of The Element for $3.98… unfortunately, I bought the last used copy they had, so this link is to buy a new copy of the book through Better World Books. Sorry!

And this is not a paid partnership or anything, I just love that I can get physical versions of the books I want to read at an affordable price, it is just a bonus that they do so much good for the World! I don’t get anything for sending you to their site, so no hard feelings if you don’t buy through them, just thought you might like to know!

Anyways, January’s book is The Element by Ken Robinson and I know I am excited to read it! Let me know down below if you are joining Gennavieve and I in book club this month! Tootles!



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